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Pendant light with planter

Pendant light with planter

Pendant light with planter


Bringing an extra dose of nature indoors, these latest 2023 pendant light planters are the perfect way to spruce up and light up any room. With an ambient lighting effect and a sleek design, this hanging planter is sure to make a statement in any space.

Size of Pot and Plant

When selecting which plants to use in your pendant light planter, it's important to consider both the size of the pot and the characteristics of the plant. Make sure that you have a pot small enough to fit into the basket and that your chosen plants are compatible with the amount of sunlight or artificial lighting they will receive. When choosing a pot, consider selecting one that is water tight and made from a material such as ceramic, glass or metal.

When selecting a plant, look for one that has little water and fertilizer needs, takes well to pruning or trimming, will not outgrow its pot too quickly, and thrives in whatever level of sunlight is provided. Succulents are an excellent option for pendant light planters because they require minimal care. However, when choosing a planter, consider additional factors such as the overall color scheme of your home and the pendant light's materialβ€”which should always be waterproofed in both cases. By taking these factors into account ahead of time, you can craft a beautiful hanging planter display that will stay prosperous for years to come.

Location of pendant light planters

When selecting a plant, it is paramount to know the size and growing requirements that are necessary for a given planting area. Size of your pot will be dependent on type of plant, as well as how much light the pendant light will provide to your plant’s particular needs. If you live in a more extreme climate, such as an area with hotter daytime temperatures and colder nighttime temperatures, consider planting varieties like succulents or air plants which may require less direct sunlight and can thrive in more moderate climates. Having difficulty choosing? Online guides are available to help you identify ideal plants for limited light environments!

When selecting a pot, it is important to select one that is appropriate for the type of plant and location you have chosen. Features of an ideal pot can range from having adequate drainage holes, being lightweight enough to be hung, and more decorative touches such as colors and styles that match your home aesthetic. Additionally, if your pendant light has an open bottom, consider wrapping the planter with a waterproof material in order to protect the light’s wiring system. By sourcing these types of materials prior to planting and considering air flow around your planter, you can create a safe yet visually appealing way to show off your green thumb!

Natural Light

The most important factor to consider when installing your pendant light planters is the amount of sunlight they will receive. Remember, plants thrive with natural light so it's best to hang the lights in a location that gets plenty of bright, direct sunlight, whether it's near a window or any other area where there is ample daylight. For indoor plants, such as low-light varieties like catnip and spider plants, you can still opt for an area illuminated mostly by natural light but make sure to not overpower them with too much direct sun exposure.

You'll also need to factor in the height at which you'll hang the pendant light planters. If you have higher ceilings, opt for hanging lights that are longer with more leeway for differentiating heights. This will allow you to add multiple levels and create a dynamic, layered look that not only adds a unique decorative element to your space but also positions the plants closer or further away from natural light sources depending on which ones require more or less of it.

When hanging pendant light planters, make sure the space you choose has ample access to natural light. This can be determined by both the height where you hang the lights and by the number of windows in your home that allow sunlight to stream through. If your desired spot is quite a distance away from natural light sources, opt for a mix of plants that are better suited to survive in low-light conditions. There are plenty of varieties, such as peace lily, philodendron, pothos vine and mother-in-law's tongue that will thrive with minimal light exposure.

In addition to choosing the best spot with plenty of natural light, make sure there is enough air circulation to keep plants healthy and hydrated. Ceiling lights can be quite warm when turned on for long periods of time, so it’s important to choose a position where plants won’t become over heated. On particularly hot days, you may even consider turning off the pendant light while you’re away from home. Finally, ensure that you are installing the planter properly into an electrical box that can support its weight safely.

Since a pendant light with planter is a combination of lighting and planting, it adds an attractive atmosphere for your room. Consider the existing homes aesthetic to ensure maximum visual impact that pays off in external beauty. You may also want to find a plant preservation specialist to ensure the plants have proper water, food and light that the pendant light can provide. To make sure you’re selecting the best option, consider the type of climate you live in as well as your interior design needs.

When selecting the ideal location for a pendant light with planter, look for a spot where natural light is abundant. Both plants and low-vibration pendant lights need sun to flourish. By placing it in this specific area, you can get the best of both worlds: bright lighting for interior illumination and strong sunlight for immaculate flowering plants that appeal to viewers. Just remember to keep in mind the temperature of your desired space, as some plants do better in air-cooled areas while others enjoy warmth. With careful selection of your space, you can have a successful pendant light with planter combination that adds beauty and life to any home.

Pendant lights and planters go hand-in-hand. On one side you get the source of illumination, on the other you can showcase beautiful and vibrant plants to add an airy essence to your space. To assure that both flourish, make sure to pick a spot in your home with plenty of natural light. A sunny window ledge or room corner by a bright skylight are perfect locations. The combination of warm, natural sunlight and cool pendant light hangs create an eye-catching interior accent that will attract attention from all who view it.


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