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Persian Rug Hand Knotted Blue Silk Carpet 10x14ft

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Persian Rug Hand Knotted Blue Silk Carpet 10x14ft

Persian Rug Pattern: A Legacy of Artistry

Best Decorz presents a Persian Rug that is more useful than simply a floor covering; it's a piece of history. The complex patterns that adorn this 10x14ft masterpiece are inspired by ancient Persian artwork, each swirl and motif telling a unique story.

Persian Rug Design: Craftsmanship at its Best

This Persian Rug from Best Decorz is a testament to timeless design and careful craftsmanship. Every single knot in this carpet is hand-tied, ensuring a piece that is not just beautiful but also durable and made to last for generations.

Blue Persian Rug: A Symbol of Elegance

The color blue is synonymous with serenity, depth, and wisdom. Best Decorz has elegantly intertwined these attributes into the rug, ensuring it becomes the focal point of any room it graces.

Wool and Silk Persian Rugs: A Blend of Tradition and Luxury

While many Wool and Silk Persian rugs are made from pure wool, this unique piece from Best Decorz combines both wool and silk, providing a tactile luxury that's unparalleled. The wool foundation gives it strength, while the silk threads offer a sheen and softness that's irresistible to touch.

Silk Persian Rugs: The Epitome of Luxury

Silk Persian rugs, especially those from Home Decor Outlet, are renowned for their luminous sheen and complex details. Every fiber of this rug reflects light, making it a radiant centerpiece for any setting.

Best Persian Rug Tribal Hand-Knotted Oversized Silk Carpet 12x18ft


Persian Rug Living Room: Elevate Your Space

Picture this beautiful blue rug as the anchor of your living room, immediately elevating its aesthetics and ambiance. A rug from Best Decorz doesn't just complement your furniture; it improves the overall feel of the space.

Bathroom Persian Rug: A Touch of Opulence

While it might seem strange, placing this bathroom Persian rug in a spacious can turn the area into a luxurious retreat. Imagine stepping out of a bath onto this soft, plush rug from Best Decorz.

Best Persian Rugs: A Commitment to Quality

Best Decorz is dedicated to offering only the best, and this Persian rug is a testament to that commitment. Handmade with precision, it's a blend of tradition and modern design.

Persian Rug Pattern: A Legacy of Artistry

Handmade Persian Rug:Β 

Each rug from Best Decorz is a result of countless hours of labor, showcasing skills passed down through generations. The artisans ensure every knot, every detail, speaks of their dedication and love for the craft.

Light Blue Persian Rug:Β 

While the predominant color is rich blue, hints of light blue in the rug provide a whimsical touch, adding layers of depth and charm to its design.

Blue Persian Rugs: A Timeless Elegance

Step into the world of unmatched artistry with our 10x14ft Persian Rug, exuding the classic charm of blue hues. The rich blue palette evokes feelings of tranquility, making it a captivating centerpiece for any space.

Blue Persian Rug: A Symbol of Elegance

Persian Rug Living Room:

Imagine landing in your living area with this magnificent piece. Its hand-knotted design promises not only aesthetics but also durability, ensuring it remains a focal point in your living room for generations.

Bathroom Persian Rug: Luxurious Comfort

Turn the ordinary into extraordinary by introducing this Persian rug into your bathroom. It's an uncommon choice, but it provides a splash of opulence, ensuring every step you take is met with the soft, plush comfort of the finest silk.

Best Persian Rugs: A Mark of Quality

Among the myriad of choices available, our rug stands out as one of the best Persian rugs in the market. Every fiber, every knot speaks of the quality and craftsmanship that went into its making, promising not just beauty but longevity.


Wool and Silk Persian Rugs: A Blend of Tradition and Luxury

Silk Persian Rugs: The Epitome of Luxury

Persian Rug Living Room: Elevate Your Space


Some special Features:

  • Ready for your home/office. This rug has a unique design with a beautiful color combination!

  • This carpet would make a superb home decor piece or a valuable gift for family and friends.

  • Excellent condition, no low pile, no damages

  • Professionally cleaned, pet and smoke-free, no smell, no dirt.

  • Vivid colors won't fade over time

  • Good KPSI!! Very smooth and flat surface!Β 

  • Double Knots, Very delicate and durable!

  • This rug is 100% hand-knotted, much more valuable than a machine-made rug.



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