Handheld Shower Head High Pressure
handheld adjustable shower head
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Handheld Shower Head High Pressure 5 Function Adjustable | high pressure shower head | high pressure handheld shower head

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High pressure shower head

ใ€Handheld Showerhead -ย 5 SPRAY MODESใ€‘
Rainfall Mode: Designed for low water pressure, it can provides a soothing, relaxing, healing shower experience. Massage Mode: Powerful yet gentle, cleaning and moisturizing both skin and hair - letting you save more water and shampoo. Pulse Mode: Sends a torrent of water to quickly relaxes your muscles. Spray Mode: Spa Spray for a more lighter, gentle showering experience. Stream Mode: Disassemble the shower head to clean the corners of the bathroom and flush the toilet.
ใ€Shower Head-HIGH PRESSUREใ€‘
Don't worry about the water flow too slow and affect your shower enjoyment, our

shower head

increase superior water pressure and flow performance, gives you powerful flow even if you typically experience low water pressure. Shower head can gives you more coverage, and an amazing shower experience using 25% less water.
Using advanced internal flow blocking technology, the pause mode can completely shuts off the water flow. Just gentlely press the button with your thumb and you can control the switch of your water flow. This prevents unnecessary water waste in the shower.
This universal shower head is made from High Strength ABS engineering grade plastic, durable, lead-free and rust-proof, ensure your shower safe and comfortable. Ergonomic Grip Handle. Innovative detachable design to prevent the build-up of minerals, easy for Blockage Removal.

Shower Headย Hand

Held High Pressure-ย ENSTALLATION & WARRANTYใ€‘
Easy installation, simply remove your existing


and replace it. No drills, plumbers, or bathroom reconstruction needed! Fits any standard shower arm.ย 

How wide is the base of the high-pressure handheld shower head where it sits in the holder?

The base is of universal size and is suitable for general American households.

Can this high-pressure handheld shower headย be installed onto a 10 inch adjustable shower arm extender?


Does the head screw off as shown in the picture labeled 4? Iโ€™m afraid of breaking it, but would like to remove the head to clean it.

handheld showerhead

At a sale price . Use it and if not satisfied money back guarantee. This is a New Model of

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